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Bright hair colour recommendation

Following my previous post on the TEOTEMA colour control range, I am putting for you the list of the hair colouring products that I've been using to dye my hair in bright colours and I compared them in terms of application and results.

First thing you should know is that bleaching is a must before you attempt these colours if you want the best results (unless you have light blonde hair already) . If you have dark hair, then using the dyes without bleach will only give you a tint of colour that will fade completely in 3 showers. Have your hair bleached by a professional hair dresser. Don't attempt bleaching at home unless you are a pro as you are most likely to end up damaging your hair very badly.

Luckily I was in the UK when I started this and I had my hair professionally bleached at my friend's place with medium blonde half way down my hair and platinum blonde at the ends to create a fading effect. The first brand I used was Crazy Colours in "Violette" which must be applied on damp hair (towel dry only) after shampooing then rinsed off with cold water. This didn't turn out as a true violet, instead it looked like a bright pink as you can see in the image. I decided that I don't want my full head in bright pink as it would require a lot of maintenance since the pink faded to orange after the first shower!

So I went back to my friend's and had it re-done in brunette at the top half and with Crazy Color in "hot purple" at the bottom half. This one was as purple as I wanted it to be however Crazy Colors continued to fade very quickly (colour faded in 6 showers). Then I switched to the brand Schwarzkopf (same application process as Crazy Color) in "Purple Punk" which gave me a similar shade of purple that lasted for 15 showers. I really liked this brand and since then I also used the "Electric Blue" colour.

I purchased all previous products from the UK during my last trip there, however they are not easy to find in the UAE. Crazy Color is available in some salons such as Hush however it is 3 times more expensive than the original price. I attempted to buy Schwarzkopf online through Amazon but the delivery to the UAE was rejected. My only solution for the time-being is L'Oreal's Hair Chalk (buy from Sephora UAE for AED 110) which does give a bright effect however it fades very quickly like Crazy Color.

I highly recommend Schwarzkopf for the best results and I am currently looking for a supplier in my area. I will surely post an update on here if I find one.

My last tip: Only go for this hairstyle if you are bold enough to try it to have fun with it and don't care what people think because some will say they love it and some will hate it! At the end of the day, it is just hair, you can have it cut and it will grow back.

dip dye.001.jpg

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