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TEOTEMA hair products

If you've been following my Instagram, you probably noticed all the different hair colours I had recently. I've gone from a bright pink head to deep purple, violet and now blue! (will soon post a review on the dyes I used).

Of course to get these bright colours I had to have my hair bleached first and....I know, bleach isn't exactly the healthiest thing to do to your hair but I wanted this style so badly. So to keep my hair in good condition and to keep its colour vibrant I've been following a strict hair-care regime on a daily basis. I tried a couple of brands and it got to the point where I was considering having my hair cut short to remove the bleached part however TEOTEMA's complete Color Control programme is the one that I am currently sticking to as I can finally see results and with it I no longer need that hair cut.

These products are truly amazing, my hair no longer looks damaged and I also noticed that the colour takes more time to fade while I am using them. My favourite would be the Serum which is key to seal the cuticle of hair to lock-in the color pigments and it makes your life easier while combing your hair. The mask is another must have to fix damaged/dry hair but if you really want the best results, I recommend to use the full collection as a treatment programme.


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