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Product of the month: Illamasqua product review

I previously tried samples of Illamasqua products but this was the first time I purchased a set of items from them. So here is a review on my experience with these items. Overall it is a great brands to use, especially for make-up artists. One of their best sellers is their foundation which works well on all skin types to achieve a flawless finish.

Nail varnish: beautiful collection of colours as well as easy application and long lasting.

Eyeshadows: Very good pigments and long lasting (highly recommended).

Cream Blushers: good for a natural look. However they don't last long and can move.

Lipsticks: Have a strong pigment. The amtt ones will not work so well if you have dry lips.

Pigments/shimmers: amazing application, great for an evening or photography.

Hydra Veil: works really great if you have oily skin and need oild-free moisture for your skin, but if you have dry skin then you'll need a richer moisturizer.

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